Richtersveldia Meve & Liede

A monotypic genus erected by the authors in 2002 to accommodate the plant previously known  both as Notechidnopsis columnaris and Trichocaulon columnare. As the name indicates, Richtersveldia columnaris is to be found in the Richtersveld area of the Northern Cape Province of South Africa.

 Sarcostemma R.Brown

A genus of  perennial climbing or twining stem succulents found in the tropical and sub tropical regions of the old world.  The Madagascan species have recently been transferred into the genus Cynanchum. The name derives from the Greek 'sarx'or 'sarcos', flesh and 'stemma', garland or wreath, for the fleshy tangled stems.

Sarcostemma stolonifera

From Kenya and northern Tanzania, this species has characteristic short internodes.

Sarcostemma vanlessenii  

This relatively compact free flowering species can be found, in Yemen, Ethiopia, Kenya and Tanzania.  Unlike other species in the genus S. vanlessenii should be kept on the dry side in winter, with only sufficient water given to keep the roots turgid.


 Schlechterella K.Schumann

A genus of only two species, erect or twining geophytic sub shrubs related to the genus Raphionacme, named after Dr.Rudolf Schlechter (1872 - 1925) a German botanist from Berlin.  The genus has short-lived flowers, with a characteristic fused ring like coronal structure.

Schlechterella abyssinica

As the name suggests the type locality is Ethiopia (formerly Abyssinia). Also found in Uganda and Tanzania, the flowers of this species are smaller and more colourful than those of  S. africana.

Schlechterella africana  

This plant with a carrot like tuber and a delicate twining vine, was originally bought as a Raphionacme species from Gerembo.  Although the distribution for Schlechterella africana is given as Ethiopia, Somalia, Kenya and Tanzania, I have been unable to locate a  Gerembo in any of these countries.  My thanks go to Dr. David Goyder at Kew for his assistance in identifying this species.