For an overview see Brachystelma b-l notes

Brachystelma maritae

This species with the strikingly yellow corolla comes from the Ruvuma and Iringa Provinces of Tanzania, and is named after the wife of the well know nurseryman and collector, Ernst Specks.

Brachystelma meyerianum

The off-white hairy flowers, of this species from the Eastern Cape Province of South African are sometimes tipped yellow-green, and have an unusually cheese like aroma. the clones CM0533a & b, are from Frankfort, NE of King William's Town.

Brachystelma nanum

The recent inclusion of Brachystelma angustum into this species from the Northern and Eastern provinces of  South Africa, means that the generally glabrous plants can be found with either stellate or cage like flowers. Both flower types are shown here.

Brachystelma ngomense

As the name suggests, this species is from Ngome in KwaZulu-Natal and with vegetative and floral characteristics very similar to B. pulchellum, some

Brachystelma pulchellum

A miniature species from the KwaZulu-Natal and Northern Province of South Africa, which is recognisable by its creeping growth with the leaves diminishing in size towards the stem tips.

Brachystelma praelongum

This species whose flowers have a nodding habit can be found in Lesotho and the Western Cape, Free State, and KwaZulu-Natal provinces of South Africa. The two clones pictured are from Morgenzon in the Free State.

Brachystelma pygmaeum ssp. pygmaeum 

Found in the Eastern Cape, KZN, Mozambique and Zimbabwe, Brachystelma pygmaeum ssp pygmaeum differs from ssp. flavidum from Mpumalanga and KwaZulu-Natal  in having cage like flowers as opposed to ssp flavidum's stellate flowers.  

Brachystelma remotum

Found only in KwaZulu-Natal, this small species is part of the B. australe- complex

Brachystelma rubellum

With a wide distribution from the Eastern Cape, KwaZulu-Natal, and Mpumalanga provinces of South Africa through to Swaziland, Kenya, Uganda and Tanzania and formerly known as Tenaris rubella, this delicate species is of easy culture with pretty pink flowers with spatulate corolla segments, on exceptionally tall growing stems.

Brachystelma stellatum

This species from the Northern Cape Province is closely related to B. caffrum 

Brachystelma stenophyllum

Found in the Northern and North West Provinces of South Africa and in Namibia, Brachystelma stenophyllum is the only cage flowered species to have a cup like corona indicating a close relationship with B. cupulatum

Brachystelma tenue

From KwaZulu-Natal and the Northern Province this species with caged flowers is related to both B. setosum and B. villosum and also to B. tenellum and B. gracile

Brachystelma thunbergii

This species from the the Eastern and Western Cape provinces has recently been sunk into B. praelongum as B. praelongum ssp thunbergii

Brachystelma tuberosum

With the tuber up to 15cm in diameter this species from  south western  South Africa has large hairy flowers. Two different clones are pictured here.

Brachystelma vahrmeijeri

Found only in KwaZulu-Natal, the plant shown is from the Makatini flats area of that province