Piaranthus R.Brown (For an overview see Piaranthus c-f)

Piaranthus geminatus var. foetidus

Found in both the Great and Little Karoo regions of the Eastern Cape Province this is probably the most adaptable and diverse member of the genus.

Piaranthus geminatus var. geminatus

As can be seen here, a vary variable species, from the Eastern and Western Cape Provinces which now also includes the former species P. globosus, P. disparilis and P. pillansii. CM0540 is from the R329, 25k ENE Willowmore, E.Cape, CM0545 from Wolwefontein Railway Station, also in the Eastern Cape, whilst clones 1-4 are without locality details.

Piaranthus punctatus

From the lower reaches of the Namaqualand Succulent Karoo, this species is closely related to P.framesii with which it forms natural hybrids.  It can be distinguished from P. framesii in having hairs on the corolla compared with papillae in the latter.

Piaranthus species

Four as yet unidentified Piaranthus species, DP4797A has the provisional name of Piaranthus magnificus.